It is an effort taken to educate our students about GLOBAL WARMING and to promote an affinity towards our mother earth.

To Browse and Discuss on world statistics on the issue of global warming.

Why do we browse for information on the internet or magazines or journals?

The answer is to keep ourselves abreast of what is going on around us. We will be very anxious to know the health conditions of some one close to us if he / she falls sick. In the same way shouldn’t we be curious to know about the deteriorating conditions of the earth, the only habitat for human life in the universe. It is an alarming fact that our planet continues to sizzle. Leaders and scientists are burning their brains to find out the solutions for this problem. Let us keep our eyes and ears open to know more about the conditions of our mother earth.
Dawn’s Green way is a simple but steady step to contribute towards this issue. The future of a green earth is in the hands of our children. If they feel the need for turning the planet into a better one, we can be assured that we are safe. Our efforts should be to make them more and more aware of the issue and motivate and help them to find a solution.

All the discussions on how to protect our mother earth will help the children bring out great ideas thereby enabling their proactive thinking capability on a global issue which is the need of the hour.

To grow with the Tree : Growing a child is a great feeling – to see him grow physically – to see him grow into a good human being is bliss. The child is like a plant. It needs our help to grow up. We give whatever is needed for the plant to grow and turn into a big shady one.

Imagine your child understands that there is a process to achieve everything! Is not our mother nature offering us beautiful trees which start as seeds and later grow to become great trees giving lovely shades!

Trees are as precious as our children. Imagine a world where there is not a speck of green to be seen. Think of our children with their parched throats running madly for a glass of water to drink. Heart breaking indeed! Let’s do what ever we can, to stop our lovely planet from turning into ashes.

Let each child plant a sapling and nurture it. It gives you immense joy to see the child and the tree grow together.
Let’s plant more trees to make our earth a greener and better place to live. Towards that goal Dawn green initiative is one simple and loveable step to grow a child with green trees all around.

Dawn’s Green Initiative is not just about watching a tree grow but getting to see the tree and make it grow with you.

Each group plant one :
It is a holistic approach in making every member of the Dawn family believe in Dawn’s Green Way.

A sapling to plant, got from our school,
I nurture the plant, it will grow into a tree.
As I grow with values, an effort by my school
To mould me a Human with “Social Conscience”.
Students are divided into groups of five. The groups get plants from Dawn Green Counter. Each group plants a sapling in the place allotted. The students take pride in nurturing the plants. They see the plants grow big. How wonderful it will be to play and rest under the shades of the trees they have grown! In their own little way they have contributed their share to reduce global warming. It is fun to watch each group of students name their trees, nurture their plants with care like a mother cares for her babe and collect the details and facts about the trees. The trees planted are theirs and their own. How proud the children are in making the school green. No doubt! they will run to the trees and hug them, when they come to school as ALUMNI after several years. Such will be the emotional bond the students have to the plants they grow. Wherever they go, it will always remain in their mind that they should save mother earth by making her greener.

Teachers’ green drive :
Teachers are the heart and soul of every thought which is to be planted in the children’s mind. Kids are like wet cement on which any impression can be made. So teachers as moulders of young minds should make the students feel the impact of global warming and lead them to find a solution in their own way. Through various activities in the school our teachers bring the awareness about ‘Green Way’.
Some serious thoughts shared with our students by our teachers :
Dawn School Chennai
Common sense says we must save water, keep our atmosphere clean and temperature liveable – But we are doing just opposite !
What do you think about it?
Dawn School Chennai
The Climate Change :
It is a reality. Since the industrial revolution we have been pumping monstrous quantities of carbondioxide and other green house gases in the air. What is the result ? Our earth has heated up. Its effects are many.
What are you going to do for this?
Dawn School Chennai
Say no to plastics :
During the rainy season, all our roads are flooded. Why?
The huge plastic wastes we throw down stand as a barrier for the rain water to get in to the soil. So the ground water storage is reduced. Not only this – many more are the ill effects of plastics. Swear not to use plastics.
Dawn School prohibits the usage of plastics in any form.
Dawn School Chennai
OZONE layer destruction :
The ozone layer is a layer in Earth's atmosphere which contains relatively high concentrations of ozone (O3). This layer absorbs 93-99% of the sun's high frequency ultraviolet light, which is potentially damaging to life on earth.It is catalysed by chlorine and bromine atoms released most commonly from our refrigerators, air conditioners and deodorants. OZONE cannot be manufactured as it requires intense heat that can be generated only by the sun.
Do you know this?
Some of the Project works given to our students :
The following activities are demonstrated to the students for them to do as project work during holidays
Make hand made
Dawn School Chennai Soak the waste
papers in water
Dawn School Chennai Make the pulp of it
Dawn School Chennai Spread the pulp on a
thick plastic sheet
Dawn School Chennai Let it for drying
Make Compost
Dawn School Chennai with kitchen waste
and dry leaves.
Dawn School Chennai This will be used for
the school plants.
Up cycling
Dawn School Chennai it is converting
something disposable
into a product of similar
or greater value.
Dawn School Chennai Transform the junk of
a house into every day
stuff you will adore.
Many more efforts will be taken by Dawn School Green Awareness Campaign in the years to come to bring back the paradise on our earth.
Green oath taken by the students and parents of the school on sep 11th – Our Founder’s Day
Dawn School Chennai
I will work towards the protection of our environment and the preservation of our species
Dawn School Chennai
I will work towards this with other like minded individuals
Dawn School Chennai
I will consciously avoid committing acts that damage our environment and will publicly assert my dislikes for act against the environment
Dawn School Chennai
I will not permit others to cause harm to the wilderness and our wild species without protect
Dawn School Chennai
I will use resources carefully by reducing, reusing and recycling what ever I use, such as water paper, plastic, metal and glass etc
Dawn School Chennai
I will not carelessly throw away items that are made of out precious natural resources
Dawn School Chennai
I will use energy carefully by using a fuel based vehicles when I can walk or cycle
Dawn School Chennai
I will visit our wonderous places and become a part to their conservation
Dawn School Chennai
I will always care for mother earth
Dawn School Chennai
I will try not to damage her knowingly or unknowingly